Thursday, 11 April 2013

Amazon Adverts - Affiliates

Setting up Amazon Adverts 

Firstly its worth you knowing that amazon adverts program is called Amazon Affiliates, if you already have an amazon this is a very easy process to set them up.
1. Sign in or create your amazon account.
2. Go to the bottom of the amazon page (footer) look for the name Associates Programme, it should be middle column (make money with us) second one down and select that link.

3. Once you are on the page, look for the sign up for amazon affiliates programme, this is on the right hand side of the page.
4. Follow through the steps, they are easy so just read carefully what they have to say and remember be truthful as this is legally binding. 
5. Once you have done this you will come to a page asking you to put your account details in, you don't need to do this at this stage but you can if you like, if you carry through you'll see buttons called widgets and banners, these are where you get the code for you to put in your website. You can customize these as you wish. I suggest that you put a couple in so you can see the different types.
6. You will notice you cannot see the adverts on your site, be patience, as this is because amazon hasn't verified your account and therefore can't allow you to advertise  The process of them checking your site only takes a matter of hours so give it a day. If nothing has happened email them and it'll be reviewed quickly. 
7. If everything is ok your'll see the adverts on your site as soon as you receive the confirmation email.

The site is a little different to ones like adsense, meaning its not quite as easy to use but you'll get used to it. 
Bit of advice make sure what adverts you put up are relevant as this way you'll make more money, you get money for every click but you'll receive more if they buy the product, up to 15% of the cost of the item.

Any questions just comment.

By Ryan

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