Tuesday, 16 April 2013

End of Watch

End of Watch


In South Central Los Angeles, street cops Brian and Mike are partners - balls-out cowboys patrolling the streets as Latino gangs are in a power struggle with Blacks. Brian and Mike get lucky a couple of times, making big drug and human-trafficking busts, so a Mexican cartel orders their deaths. We meet Mike's pregnant wife (whom he married out of high school) and watch Brian's search for a soul mate. There are internal squabbles within the ranks of the LAPD and lots of squad-car conversation. Can the lads escape the cartel's murderous reach? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

End of watch is a film based on the day to day life of a police man and his partner. It is filmed from there persecutive, e.g. hand held cameras and chest cameras, this might make it sound like a low quality and poor type of film but its all mixed in with professional footage, which makes it a very stable and easy to watch film, the actors in it play the very well, making you believe they were real cops. The film is very action packed and entertaining, I will give out a slight warning that there is a lot of swearing and racist terms used during the film, mainly due to the type of people they tackle whilst being police. But its a film where you get behind the stars. Overall an enjoyable film and worth a watch.
I'll give this film an 8/10.

By Ryan

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  1. I too thoroughly enjoyed this film and would rate it 8/10. I thought that Jake Gyllenhaal's acting was very good, particularly towards the end of the film (without giving anything away!) Definitely one to watch :-)