Tuesday, 9 April 2013

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation


Framed for crimes against the country, the G.I. Joe team is terminated by the President's order, and the surviving team members face off against Zartan, his accomplices, and the world leaders he has under his influence.


G.I.Joe: Retaliation is a follow on the the original G.I.Joe movie, rise of the Cobra which was made back in 2009. After the relative success of the first film the directors and the cast thought there was more to get out of the story of the G.I.Joe's (a group of super soldiers made up from the best of the best in the military around the world). So they came up with the new storyline, which I have to say was good but in my mind lacked something, didn't quite have the wow factor that the original seemed to have. With a lot of unnecessary killing of major characters and others not appearing in the film it seemed disjointed from it predecessor kinda of like the way Megan Fox's character is gotten rid of in transformers 3. The film is still worth a watch and I will probably still buy the Blu Ray when it comes out. But I should say that it is filmed well with a easy to grasp storyline and the quality of the film is great. Just missing the wow. 
So from me today this film is getting a 6.5/10. Go see if nothing else on.

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