Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hells Bells - ACDC Tribute Band

Hells Bells - ACDC Tribute Band

Hells Bells are an accomplished AC/DC Tribute Band who have performed all over the UK as well as Portugal, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic and the Middle East.

I'm a huge fan of Hells Bells and I thought I should share, they are great!! First saw them in Monmouth. A performance that made me follow them around the country. Now been to over 6 of there concerts. And each one has been getting better and better!! Lasts nights performance in Cinderford, Gloucestershire was absolute sensational even if the crown went mad... just added to the atmosphere of a true rock concert. Haven't been to such a great show in years.

 The Band on stage!!
The Bands set up in the Miners Hall Cinderford.


  1. These guys are a brilliant tribute band, if you love ACDC you'll love this band. See them if you get the chance. Check out their website.