Friday, 12 April 2013

Magento Go - Review

Magento Go

I've been using Magento go recently and thought I would let you guys know what its like, and what it does and does not do.

So first of all what is Magento Go?

Magento Go is a Cloud hosted ecommerce (online shop) solution. Basically meaning you can build a shopping site online without having to host any of the files yourself. Magento Go is not the same as the enterprise and community versions, these are both self hosted.


From $16/mth
This is a hosted (cloud) system, which means that you don’t need to worry about servers, installation or any of the technology. Quick and simple to setup, get going in just minutes with a free trial. Maximum 10,000 SKUs.

Free, open source
This version is an open source download in PHP that you need to install on your own web server, or else engage a company to do so for you. The fact that it’s open source, and that you have your own copy on your own server means that you can edit the code to make the store do exactly what you need.

From $13,000 pa

Enterprise is pretty much the same as Community (in that you have a copy of the code, and need to install it on your own servers), but it’s designed for larger, high traffic stores.
Prices section from  Brightpearl

 What is it Like?

Magento Go is very good in the way that you do not need to know how to build a website to create a shopping site though some knowledge is useful. Basically it gives you some templates to chose from where you can change the logo and the text in the site then upload products and bam your done.

Sound to simple to be true... yes and no, if the site you want looks the same as the templates then yes it is just that simple. But should you want to move around the design and other features of the site, then it starts to get very complicated very quickly. There is a support system to help you with this but they have a slow response time and half the time only direct you to the forum.

Honestly if you want a successful ecommerce site then go for either the community or enterprise version as they will give you a lot less headaches. But you will need a Web Developer to set these up, costing a bit more but your'll like the site more and also save yourself a lot of time. Also there are some many features in Magento Go that you take for granted that aren't actually there and end up making do which is not what you want if you are spending the money.

Honestly I will only give Magento Go 3/10 as good if you want a basic site but for nothing more. And as a Developer it gives me lots of headaches.

By Ryan

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