Friday, 12 April 2013

Magento - Url Rewrites

Magento Guide - Url Rewrites

This is how you can stick items such as a home button and about us onto the nav bar which is usually only for  categories.

  1. First create a category page with the name that you want the page to be.
  2. Go to URlL rewrites, and select the newly created one (whatever you called it.)
  3. See where it says redirect on a drop down, change this to 301 perminant.
  4. Save this and go back to the URL rewrites main page.
  5. Click create a new rewrite, this is on the right above the search box.
  6. Select custom on the drop down
  7. The ID is just a refernce for you. So Put whatever you like so you can ID it later.
  8. The requested ID is the target path of the page you want to change (the category we just created, this is mostly likely going to be something like catolog/category/view/id/ a number.
  9. Then put in the target path, this is the address you want the link to go to. (If this is your home page, include you whole link, for example "" )
  10. Select Perminant redirect on this one to.
  11. Click save and test. 
  12. Your link now works, any problems just leave me a comment and I'll help best I can.
By Ryan

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