Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Welcome to the Punch - Film Review

Welcome to the Punch


Former criminal Jacob Sternwood is forced to return to London from his Icelandic hideaway when his son is involved in a heist gone wrong. This gives detective Max Lewinsky one last chance to catch the man he has always been after. As they face off, they start to uncover a deeper conspiracy they both need to solve in order to survive. 


This film hasn't been rated overly high with the IMDB which i don't think is fair, this film is full of surprises. It makes you work out time and time again who the real bad guys are. Engaging you with the film.  was practically good, and I haven't alway been his biggest fan, but he played his role of cop fighting back really well. 
Again it seemed to be a film set where this could happen, not necessarily all the big special effects but it makes you question whose really in charge. This wasn't a big budget film as you could tell from some of the cast line up. But on the whole i was quite impressed. And with not much else out in the cinema for it to compete with at the moment I expect it to do better than many think it will.

I'll give this film a 7/10 worth a watch if your into Crime, Cop, or thrillers types of films.

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